[-empyre-] Learning - ?

Went to a gallery opening for Maurice Clifford
yesterday. He's doing fine and is still painting. In
the middle of the show was his VRML project the Aleph.
Seven years later, it's as beautiful as anything shown

Flipping the situation, I look at the works produced
to today and see no difference to those made years
ago. In terms of art this is not a fair question. In
terms of design it is critical. 

We do not seem to be making real progress. Only the
technology is better. Deep questions of navigation,
interaction, & presentation are unresolved.

If I'm wrong, well then I suppose the developers on
this list can tell me what they've learned, who from,
and how it was directly applied in their work. 

(For now I'm looking to the act of learning from
others - not personal development. A person who
inspired you, is not enough, I'm asking about the
concrete application of knowledge.)  

Frankly, has anyone ever seen a good study done of the
web3D works produced in the past seven years?
Something that looks beyond a single person and tries
to compare and understand the vast array of work
that's been done?  I'd like the url



    The reality of the building doesn't not
    consist in the four walls and roof but
    in the space within to be lived.

    - Laotzu

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