[-empyre-] empyre - what is it all good for?


I'm part of the Web3DArt show and have been invited (like everybody else who
is participating in the show) to take part in the empyre mailing list and
it's discussions. I must admit that I'm having a bit of a hard time to
understand empyre and it's aims. I see a lot of self-promotion (no specific
problem with that, just somewhat boring) and not a lot of discussion
subjects I feel invited to join. It's all very specific, and in many ways
way to specific for me.

I was hoping to see some more interested subject matters, maybe also stuff
that is related to the Web3DArt show itself (beyond the self-promotion) and
what it might mean to people outside this small community. I'm part of the
show but I can't view most of the works of my fellow participants because I
neither have a PC, not mentioning the resources and all those exotic
plug-ins I'm required to install (if I would have a PC). I personally find
all these requirements for viewing very irritating and annoying, I
personally prefer work that is accessible for the broader public and simple
in it's technical and ideological requirements. Where would all those 3D
sculptures and landscapes take me if I could visit them all? What do my
fellow artists say?

truly, /roya.

PS: I wasn't aware that my own digital art work has elements of 3D until a
friend told me so. Ironic to find myself being part of a Web3DArt show, when
I'm personally so not a friend of big RAM landscapes and that particular
genre of digital arts. I feel like the fly on the wall here. 

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