Re: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

On 08.06.03 19:38, "John Klima" <> wrote:

> does it require the
> presence of the other for the one to exist? that is what i find highly
> unlikely.
I am not sure quite what you meant by this in the context you used it...but
from my perspective the self is created by the other...the self and the
other need one another like one needs air.

An interestiong book, although it comes to totally the wrong conclusion, on
this subject is The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius, a Roman
writer/thinker of roughly 400AD. He discusses at length the problematic of
being when totally alone (he wrote the book during a decade or so of
solitary confinement).



Simon Biggs

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
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