[-empyre-] Answering Jim Andrews , Simon Biggs and Roya Jackobs

To Jim who wrote?

I am running Windows 98, so it may be different, but I found the Cosmo
Player VRML plugin works
when I run Netscape 4.78. http://wp.netscape.com/download/archive/ is where
you can download and
install a 4.x Netscape browser. And then you should install the Cosmo plugin
http://www.cai.com/cosmo .

Jim, there is no cosmo player to Windows XP.

To Simon who wrote:

 There are two actively supported VRML plugins
> Cortona-
> http://www.parallelgraphics.com/products/

Thanks, with Cortona I am geting to browser the works and liking a lot. If
you can stand my poor English, I will write some questions about them later.

To Simon who wrote:

Atmospheres has been out for a couple of years and is  still in Beta. It was
an older technology bought by  Adobe just prior to Macromedia releasing
Director 8.5  (& Shockwave3D)

Well, you help me a lot, I decided to invest my energies in Director and
shockwave 3D. Have you seen the last work of Nicolas Clauss and Jean Jacques
Birgé at http://www.somnambules.net ?

To Roya Jackobs who wrote:

 I'm part of the show but I can't view most of the works of my fellow
participants because I neither have a PC, not mentioning the resources and
all those exotic plug-ins I'm required to install (if I would have a PC). I
personally find
all these requirements for viewing very irritating and annoying, I
personally prefer work that is accessible for the broader public and simple
in it's technical and ideological requirements. Where would all those 3D
sculptures and landscapes take me if I could visit them all? What do my
fellow artists say?

Well, it is really a problem to the artists who are working on this research
line. Perhaps they  can found an association and try to get more facilities
to be seen, it includes better distribution of the pluggin (as flash player
for example), to ask for solutions to MAC enterprises and certainly other
things which I am not able to say because I am not working with VRML.

To Roya Jackobs who wrote:

I wasn't aware that my own digital art work has elements of 3D until a
friend told me so. Ironic to find myself being part of a Web3DArt show, when
I'm personally so not a friend of big RAM landscapes and that particular
genre of digital arts. I feel like the fly on the wall here.

I know children and teens who are able to do excellent 3D work using Paint
Brush !!! ... In fact to do a 3D work what is necessary is to have the
feeling to 3D. If one have knowledge of Perspective and  Descriptive
Geometry it will be easier to create 3D  forms.

It is interesting to say that we are not creating  3D. We are not able to do
sculptures  as Michelangelo done with softwares, I think. *Régis Debray
wrote that all image is a lie.* What we are doing are only simulations of
3D, as photography and some paintings - lies too . Turning to the begining
of the last century when we had lots of Art Moviments which rejected
perspective and launch abstract as Art because of the invention of the
photography it sounds like a good issue to be investigate. Are we going back
to the past  - before of the invention of photography?

I think the important question is how to use "3D" to do works nowadays. What
are the new ways to discover and follow? The ambiance of eletronic games is
very interesting but is it really art? What is Art? What is the Art we are
interested to do? It can include the return to the past...

Last but not least I would like to ask if you can understand my English, if
yes I will keep on posting.

Best whishes,


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