Re: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

> > does it require the
> > presence of the other for the one to exist? that is what i find highly
> > unlikely.
> -----
> I am not sure quite what you meant by this in the context you used it...but
> from my perspective the self is created by the other...the self and the
> other need one another like one needs air.

the koan asks just that, is there sound without a listener. i answer
ofcourse there is sound. i do not believe sound requires a listener for
it to exist. if i'm at the studio blasting my hi-fi and i run out to the
deli for a pack of smokes, my speakers are still pushing air whether
that air reaches my ears or not.
the one does not need the other to exist.

> An interestiong book, although it comes to totally the wrong conclusion, on
> this subject is The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius, a Roman
> writer/thinker of roughly 400AD. He discusses at length the problematic of
> being when totally alone (he wrote the book during a decade or so of
> solitary confinement).

i read boethius what seems like a million years ago. i was doing alot of
"plurality of perception" back then so i don't remember much. as much as
i define myself by how i differ from things other, i define myself by
how i am similar.


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