Re: [-empyre-] Re: empyre - what is it all good for?

hi roya +,

"roya.jakoby" wrote:

> an artist I feel kind of
> frustrated not to be able to access various works, due to technical and
> financial limitations in equipment.

yeah, i'm damn frustrated about it too. its a particularly sore spot
when you consider that most of the new media art world is mac based
(though that is becoming less prevalent). for me its like being forced
to use non-toxic poster paint when i would rather work in oils. so an
artist needs to make a choice, and live with the decision. what strikes
me as odd however, is that there is almost this overt requirement of web
based art that it be cross platform.  in the art world at large, no
defacto requirement exists to make work that is wheelchair accessible.
its as if the viewer is not the person, but the machine itself. as the
artist, one is trying to reach as many machines as possible rather than
as many people. and why can't we just ask a viewer to go to a friend's
house, or, jah forbid, a museum if they want to have a look. why does
one have to be able to view a work on *their* machine. its as if the
ability to "poses" the work is essential for its apprehension. talk
about materialism!

> I would love to experience all those
> 'big landscapes', but right now I just can't.

go to a friend's house :) (hell, if yer in ny, stop by my studio some


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