[-empyre-] me or your own eyes?

Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?
[Groucho Marx]

Hi John, hi everybody,


I haven't been online for a few weeks (spaced out on a Greek island), so I
sure missed out on a various discussion threats on the list while being
away. I felt kind of left out, but that was most of all due to me not being
around. Please accept my apologies for any previous ranting.

I think I mentioned in one of my latest emails, that my participation in
Web3DArt is almost kind of accidental. I wasn't very aware of the 3D
qualities in my digital art work until a friend pointed it out me. The 3D
elements in my work are kind of a by-product of my main area of interest,
but I'm sure that those 3D elements in my work can tell something about how
I try to deal with notions of the narrative, the interface and 3D in
hyper-space (nice word, eh?).

I have a try to sum my work up in a few words: The main aim of my work is to
create a world on it's own (my world), communicate digital visual art with
different narrative and visual means, achieve new aesthetical and emotional
qualities in computer graphics, online art. I'm avoiding the grand text
narrative - the various pieces on my website are studies of subjects and
objects (codes, visuals) that I discovered, that I find interesting,
visually, technically, and in cultural terms. I made a conscious decision to
avoid multi-layered narratives, more specifically: I try to create digital
art objects that express something through themselves, that don't require to
much text and explanation, and that avoid stereotypical allegorical
references. The aim is to create strong virtual objects, and to leave room
for the user/visitor to experience the object. As Groucho Marx said: Who are
you going to believe, me or your own eyes?

I don't have a lot of resources, and the means I create my art with are
simple. On a MAC, good old Photoshop (yeah!), some very old filters and some
innovative ideas how to apply them. I find, create, mingle and mix codes (a
CJ maybe?), I use more DHTML than Flash - I'm just not a great fan of vector
graphics (Flash is a narrative in itself after all).

The piece I'm taking part with at Web3DArt is called RISE + SHINE aka
PARVANEH (Persian for Butterfly).

For those of you who are interested in the difference, the piece is
available in 2 versions, in Flash and DHTML.

in FLASH: 

in DHTML (please use Explorer or NS 4.7):



I would like to submit the following string of questions/thoughts to this

- How can digital artists create their very own (unique) worlds? I'm talking
aesthetics, not tools..

- How can digital artists tell stories without words? Should they? Is it

- Metaphors / allegories require a cultural context for interpretation. Yes?
What does this mean for digital / online art?

- Real time objects have aura. What about virtual objects?

(I hope I was able to make things reasonably clear, and I also hope these
questions are relevant to at least some of you. I don't want to be the
mailing list bore here).

all the best, 
truly, +/roya.

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