Re: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

simon +,

naturally there are a multitude of examples contrary to western notions
of property. unfortunately, a lack of comprehension of these notions
have always worked to the long term detriment of the bemused. i
certainly do not think that the western way is the "right" way (and in
fact, think it is the biggest scam perpetrated in the history of the
world, well, maybe second to the iraq invasion), it is nonetheless, the
situation the world is forced to deal with at the current moment.
although i don't believe it *has* to be this way, i'm sure we can all
agree that it will unfortunately remain this way for the forseeable
future. my primary concern right now is focused around my own personal
survival, mentally and physically, and i'll chip away at the rest of the
world when i'm in a better position to do so. "keeping the nigger down"
is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of greed, but in my defense, i don't
exclusively make work to match the metaphoric couch.

the points you make re why become an artist, are true for some and not
others. i don't think mathew barney is particularly interested in
working away from, or against, attitudes of ownership and control,
though perhaps his opulence is a criticism of it, whether that is his
intent or not. i would venture it is quite a small percentage of artists
who share your motives. i think most artists simply endeavor to make
something beautiful, or meaningful, or emotionally resonant, regardless
of, or indeed in spite of, the world the work exists in. it ofcourse
depends on who and what you want to include in, and exclude from, the
definition of "artist" and "artwork."


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