RE: [-empyre-] multi-perspectival / cultural hegemony of space

> yeah, held the belief, lost the land.

for the time being.

their 'art' is still the best known from around here, internationally. i say 'art' because it
is/was something else for them.

> nice idea tho.

yes it is.

there were very few treaties signed around here, by the way. that's one of the reasons why land
claims are still so prevalent here.


> j
> Jim Andrews wrote:
> >
> > > lets not forget that space (ie real estate) has always been commodified,
> > > its not just a contemporary state.
> >
> > where i'm from (west coast of canada) the indigenous people have held the belief
> that the land
> > cannot be owned as part of their culture for thousands of years.
> >
> > ja

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