Re: [-empyre-] games and apathy

Melinda said

so when you get to a piece of 3d net feel let down before you even do anything with it.... this may be your problem tom@nullpointer.. .the expectation of the adrenaline hit isnt there,

I like games and I like art but I like them in different contexts and different moods.

I reckon the sorts of experiences we seek from games and art are rather
different; i think it is slightly misleading to try to put the two on the
same experiential continuum

Yes - why is there a need to look only to the 'larger' 'wider' 'bigger' audience when developing these works?

Isn't this a fundamental issue with these works - why is the work made using and exploring those technologies? and is it art? or commercial product? or something of a different variety? [ie. is art just another commercial realm]

Is it actually important to engage the same audience that is somehow engaged by the spectacle that is 3D kill fests? [or maybe just tetris?]

I can see how a 12 year old will get involved in a Diablo expedition... I have been addicted for years!... but do I have anything else to say or other ideas to explore with that 12 year old - probably not
I would rather 'play' with someone else in art...

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