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hello all,
i try to follow the discussion but i must admit i'm having hard time trying to do so! we have several deadlines just behind and in front of us, so i don't think i'll be able to make it, even if there are some highly interesting themes about space being debated here. and as we are architects trying to work on what we call contemporary space, this, of course, is of much interests for us!

just some general impressions about web3d, digital arts and some words on fabric | ch 's specific works. some of those works are included in the web3d art gallery or are digital gallery by themselves, some have been exhibited in museums or other networked places, some are made for clients and allow us to be much or less our own sponsors for research & experimental works, some still doesn't exists! ) ...

but before, general considerations regarding exhibiting digit art:
i'm just back from an expo in Basel/Switzerland [for the Swiss Art Awards, i'm a bit annoyed about it and that's probably the reason why i speak about this here...], where i experienced one more time the difficulty to exhibit any digital piece. at least still here in switzerland, i don't know really if it is better elsewhere and what is the experience of the people on the list about this.
i'm a bit bored with this... one more time, somebody tells you "no problem, there will be an internet connection" and one more time when you arrive with your stuff and computers: no connection. one more time: "somebody will take care of the piece, watch that the computers are not crashed when you're not there or reboot them", and again, one more time, nobody and nobody as well from the "museum side" that is really able to understand the technical needs of the piece. then you begin to have troubles with the connection again, and so on.

i also begin to have the feeling that most of the pieces are too complex to be displayed in museums: too long to understand, too long to see in full or even in part. it would be like if you were exhibiting 10 films in a museum: nobody would stay 15 hours to see it in full and they wouldn't get involved in it if they stayed 2 hours. i consider a lot of contemporary art as big *old* frontal art for the moment: it gives itselt in full in one glance. you rarely stay more than 5 minutes around or in a piece [well, i know i'm a bit caricaturing here]. most of the curators are now functioning in this context and i feel this is inappropriate for most of new media pieces yet. i must also stress that this wasn't the case at all in Manchester @ the Cornerhouse where everything looked and worked fine.

so, i think it is definitively hard to exhibit online/digital/whatever pieces in lots of physical areas for the moment. we even experienced it in the MAMCO/Geneva [that is a quite considered contemporary museum in french speaking part of Europe] last year where there is just no IT responsible at all in the museum... amazing... we nearly had to go ourselves reboot the machine in Geneva when it crashed!
so to say, i think "some efforts" still needs to be done in lots of places/museums before exhibiting *New Media* works in a good way. at least interactive ones. or maybe new *places* should be found/defined to become new type of museums. i wonder if all this situation will generate some new artefacts for art presentation to the public. this is a question that interests us for sure and that has driven some of our works.

that's also why we are more and more considering the *demo* like mode of intervention for our works at the moment. closer to performances in fact where they are some traces left after it and where the piece exists in its own state, own material, being still accessible or not -i.e. online-. btw could the *demo* that is really something coming directly from the digital culture become a performing art genre?
we also look at new places to display the work, like clubs, national telecom *hot spots*, equiped offices, big public billboards, etc... so to say, we experiment the process of exhibiting in itself trying to find new and maybe more appropriate contexts to display the works. i must admit we haven't find the perfect one for the moment...
we have worked around this theme on some of our pieces. couples of years ago, we have suggested to canal+ to set up a "museum" into their public 3d chat [called "Le deuxième monde"]. the idea was both to try to implant "museums" in new spaces contexts and try to experiment specific ways of producing the content [distant collaboration, extensive use of email, collaborative works]. of course, canal+ gave us a lot of constraints. as the "deuxième monde" was a "realistic world" [paris], we had to keep gravity on, collision detection and so on. but in the end, the process revealed to be very interesting with an online opening, realvideo artists interviews that could be follow online, etc. they had big plans at this time for this type of museum, like having big parties in amazing places for the openings, make them move from opening to opening, etc... we had two openings and then everything went down... the "museum", La_Fabrique can still be seen there: http://www.fabric.ch/La_Fabrique [with three processes done until now, we use it now as a playground during workshops as well -some texts and images are also online- La_Fabrique10 is teh latest one]
another recent try we've made was in the extension and hybridation of a real contemporary museum, the MAMCO/Geneva [the one i spoke about before...]. project's name is electroscape 002: http://www.electroscape.org/002 [here again, lots of texts/images online]. in this case, the idea is more to extend the space or multiply it! and that both structures [the digital as well as the physical one] could work together or in parallel. this hybrid space can then be exploited by both the commissionner of the museum, the curators and the artists. this project should continue next year to maybe become a real hybrid museum, will see. it will both exists with local access in the specific museum and online with distributed content but the main idea was really to keep it linked with a physical location and morphology and to extend the modes of appropriation of the structure.
if you also check http://www.electroscape.org/001 you will see what we've presented in the Siggraph Art gallery last year. We were in the "performing artists" session so this is the result of a one week work session between different locations/teams. fabric | ch in Europe and US and lab-au in Brussels and Berlin. It was an intersting collaborative investigation about "screenscapes" and "screenspaces" even if the work was much more intersting than the results...

so to say, we have lots of projects we want to test around galleries/museums and as we've just been accepted in the xbox content developer's program, we plan to work on a fully hybrid structure, both multi localised [several institutions], multi-users and distributed [game based and www based and if possible gprs based as well].
well... i'm beginning to be very long here and i just spoke about the "museums" works...

best regards to all, Patrick

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