Re: [-empyre-] games and apathy

Some really excellent insights, Melinda, especially about the rhythm and expectations of 'entertainment'.

May I also say that I think that its wonderful that Web3D can accommodate, in the same exhibition no less, one artist who thinks that "games are central to a discussion of new media art in general, and 3d art specifically", and another who dismisses games as absolutely irrelevant, a "noisy and adolescent waste of time".

For myself, I think the games industry makes Hollywood look like a positive bastion of progressive, intellectual, non-sexist cosmopolitanism.

However, there are quite a few games I have enjoyed playing over the years- some, like Zelda on N64, have a special place in my heart.

But, I don't think I've ever played a game that made me think.

Art makes a person think.

We've all had punters angry at us (please tell me I'm not alone in having had someone screaming "THIS...IS...NOT...ART!!!" in my face during a show!) and I love it because it means they are thinking about it.


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