Re: [-empyre-] games and apathy

> For myself, I think the games industry makes Hollywood look like a
> bastion of progressive, intellectual, non-sexist cosmopolitanism.
> However, there are quite a few games I have enjoyed playing over the
> some, like Zelda on N64, have a special place in my heart.
> But, I don't think I've ever played a game that made me think.
> Art makes a person think.
> We've all had punters angry at us (please tell me I'm not alone in having
> had someone screaming "THIS...IS...NOT...ART!!!" in my face during a
> and I love it because it means they are thinking about it.
> Adam.

The important about games is just to know how they can influence ART. On the
one hand lots of artists are working with games now and those games make one
thinks. I am speaking about Art games. You certainly know Arteroids and
perhaps The Black and the White, reflections on fog, which contains the fog

On the other hand did you see Matrix Reloaded? It is  the aesthetics of a
computer game,  you can watch the movie only observing  the visual
narrative. The narrative with images is much more important than the textual
narrative. In this way, what you think about the movie is not the same
message you receive if you read the legends (as me ) or listen to the

To an artist  who  works  with games is the challenge is: how to use the
aesthetics of the games to do art and to make people think.



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