Re: [-empyre-] games and apathy

I'd like to echo Tom's concern over the setting up of these kinds of modernist hi-low distinctions.

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 16:08:40 +1000 geniwate <> wrote:
I reckon the sorts of experiences we seek from games and art are rather
different; i think it is slightly misleading to try to put the two on the
same experiential continuum

Being concerned w/+ emeshed in digital cultures locates us in/on this terrain and among various aspects such as game -> art -> video -> theorypractices, commerces + histories.
In terms of the expectations of the markets, we should not forget to call attention to the constraints of the local, regional, national + global art-markets and the ways in which these constraints function to determine the qualities of the work produced. Various posts onlist + in this thread have spoken to those constraints + specificities.

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 23:57:55 +1000 Adam Nash <> wrote:
We've all had punters angry at us (please tell me I'm not alone in having had someone screaming >"THIS...IS...NOT...ART!!!" in my face during a show!) and I love it because it means they are thinking >about it.

Most contemporary art-markets that I am aware of encourage this kind of perception of conceptual impenetrability in order to ensure their commodity + social values.

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 15:52:49 +1000 "Melinda Rackham" <> wrote:
i am preturbed that gaming has put a massive degree of expectation onto
users of and 3d art.. this is above and apart from the seamless, slick
persectival production values that  john poited out wher e netart can't of
course compete.

In terms of expectations for the UI and responsiveness, a work such as ecosystem (as it was installed @ BitStreams [where I played it]) is setup to make these direct connections (via a PS style controller) and thereby intentionally exists on the "same experiential continuum" (as the PS platform and the games available [as well as the entire history of sim building games]). This connection means that the experiences will be compared, contrasted, etc + opportunities exist for (metalevel) commentaries w/in them. This opportunity when utilized, imho, is what can create + sustain excitement, energy, etc.
For the same reasons, my favorite moments in Shenmue are spent in the arcade playing Super Hang On.


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