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On the other hand did you see Matrix Reloaded? It is  the aesthetics of a
computer game,  you can watch the movie only observing  the visual

"Ultimately The Matrix Reloaded seems more interested in pitching concepts of biology, mythology, philosophy and emotionality [ie free humans - not matrix bound who are emotional, sexualised beings capable of cultural intent and of asking "why"] against the ideas of causality, cause and effect, and mechanisation [the idea of "exiled" or older programs being in perpetual conflict with newer versions which are mad keen to keep the human race enslaved]. The Wachowski brothers seem quite content to disregard the fact that the film doesn't really make complete sense when compared to "normal" mainstream films. The directors seem more concerned with making a film that can function as the middle instalment of a trilogy [complete with cliffhanger ending] where plot lines can be tied into nice conclusion bundles in the 3rd movie due out November this year.

The movie also offers a retake on the more traditional [read: acceptable] construction of the first film, which explains why it has faced heavy criticism in regards to the plot, random character introduction, and staggered sense of character formation. Realistically, it is about time the viewing public started to accept that new genres of films are on the rise, films more influenced by CGI fx, martial arts flicks and video game aesthetics than by traditional film conventions. The point of this movie isn't necessarily to do with whether it flows correctly, how the chronology works, how adequately we identify with the characters or how believable it is."

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