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>Realistically, it is about time the
> viewing public started to accept that new genres of films are on the rise,
> films more influenced by CGI fx, martial arts flicks and video game
> aesthetics than by traditional film conventions. The point of this movie
> isn't necessarily to do with whether it flows correctly, how the
> works, how adequately we identify with the characters or how believable it
> is."


Its like in anime/hong kong cinema if someone can fly nobody questions it,
they just can, they are cool.

yus indeed.

been thinking about this whilst in the shower [*y* do i seem to have all my good ideas there atm? - it used 2 b baths that would do that;)]

this x.tract is actually from an online mag i'm currently employed by. when the link goes live i'll post the link to the whole article [perhaps? if that's permissible?]

anyway, wot got me musing was having watched "The Animatrix" [gawd peter chung is a demi-manga-god - remember aeon flux from liquid teev?]...9 short animaction [yeah i can't help neologising sorry] movies which piggyback off and reveal plot nuances/x.tensions of _Matrix Reloaded_. in 1 of the shorts, the gaping qs of the origins/story point of the Neo-fawning-boy-child n.countered in the _Matrix Reloaded_ movie is s.sentially answered....+ this sparked off a chain of thought centering round the idea of ANG [_Active Narrative Gathering_] ANG i'm referring 2 how some m.mergent forms of art|n.tertainment|simulcra r interconnected via narrative threads b.yond parent forms/individualised media if u want the complete narrative picture [ie join-the-story-dots-campbellesqueness-hero-journey-style] that is available when watching _MR_ u *must* watch/collude with satellite|parallel constructions that enhance [ie offer loadings] that complete the story jigsaw - like _Enter the Matrix_ video game + The Animatrix.

it's a bit like the easter eggs n.countered on dvds....secret hotspots that 1nce found offer additional info regarding the main feature....

this isn't a new phenomenon.....look at _Twin Peaks_ for instance [movie series, book (The Diary of Laura Palmer], and movie]..but it seems to becoming a more dominant pattern...look at _Donnie Darko_ [movie + website] + _The Blair Witch Project_ [book, movie, website]...not to mention _AI_...........also the conversion of comics/books in2 film, games in2 film [_The Final Fantasty_ game + film].......

its like audiences r n.couraged 2 step outside the restrictions of mono-media absorption channels + actively seek additional narrative components elsewhere...bit like an ANG cultural engine i guess.....

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