Re: [-empyre-] _Active Narrative Gathering_ Active collecting!

> its like audiences r n.couraged 2 step outside the restrictions of
> mono-media absorption channels + actively seek additional narrative
> components elsewhere...

Its nice to have a wider number of strands of experience around a peice of
work/film e.t.c.
But its also a nice way to sell more products. Inevitable I suppose.

It draws me back to a common idea that we are increasingly a population of
Especially digital collectors. DVDs are a good example, I know loads of
people who have the entire set of
x, y or z and yet haven't actually watched them.. The same occurs with
mp3/mpeg obsessive downloaders who have a whole hotline/kaza server of stuff
on their HDs but would have to reserve a year or so to actually listen to
The same even extends to online/application art, where advocates spend days
trawling for links and software in a strange completist sense.. Maybe its an
archivist urge to fight against those inevitable 404s of the future..(that
online art suffers from so well) I wonder about this, perhaps the decay of
online work is just part of its scope?


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