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I would like to add some ideas about Matrix Reloaded, movies and 3D works.

1)- Two of my favorite movies are "The purple rose of Cairo" by Woody Allen
and "La nave va" by Fellini.

2)-The first of them show us a girl who crosses a screen of the movie  and
becomes to make part of the film, in fact she go out of the real 3D world
and choose the simulation of 3D world which seems to be much more attractive
to her.

3)- "E La Nave Va", after the last scene of the movie, where the ship sinks,
show us the study where the shipwreck was happening, in fact it shows that
that dramatic reality that involved us was only simulation and in that
moment we return to the real word a little bit disappointed.

4)- Watching "Matrix Reloaded"* as a visual narrative, forgetting the
textual one, I think about many things and imagine some others. I think
about Omar Calabrese and his book "A idade neobarroca" (perhaps "The new
baroque age" in English), I think about the attraction that  teens and
children have for computer games, the facility they have to handle with a
new game, whithout reading rules and reminds teens and children I know, in
front of a TV,  building their own story with a remote control in their

I think that usually we write a text and them, if we want,  we choose the
images to ilustrate it. The visual text of Matrix Reloaded show us that we
can "write" a sequence of images and after this choose a text to ilustrate
it.  What I like in "Matrix Reloaded" is just this, the possibility we have
to imagine and create our own story. In its own and different way it repeats
what Woody Allen done with the protagonist of "The purple rose of Cairo". It
carries us inside of the images and for moments we can fly and flight.
Pierre Francastel writes a very good book ("Image, vision and imagination")
about this.

*I am not speaking about the first version of Matrix, that one was very

5)- To conclude I would like to say that it is just this what I wait from an
excellent 3D work: I wish it carries me inside of the screen to the world of
simulation and makes me prefer this world for a space of time. Marshall
MacLuhan once time ago said  that watching TV we are the screen where the
images are projected, the same occurs with computers and "to make things
worse"  computers let us interact with them.



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> > >Realistically, it is about time the
> > > viewing public started to accept that new genres of films are on the
> > > films more influenced by CGI fx, martial arts flicks and video game
> > > aesthetics than by traditional film conventions. The point of this
> > > isn't necessarily to do with whether it flows correctly, how the
> >chronology
> > > works, how adequately we identify with the characters or how
believable it
> > > is."
> >
> >Yeah...
> >
> >Its like in anime/hong kong cinema if someone can fly nobody questions
> >they just can, they are cool.
> yus indeed.
> been thinking about this whilst in the shower [*y* do i seem to have all
> good ideas there atm? - it used 2 b baths that would do that;)]
> this x.tract is actually from an online mag i'm currently employed by.
> the link goes live i'll post the link to the whole article [perhaps? if
> that's permissible?]
> anyway, wot got me musing was having watched "The Animatrix" [gawd peter
> chung is a demi-manga-god - remember aeon flux from liquid teev?]...9
> animaction [yeah i can't help neologising sorry] movies which piggyback
> and reveal plot nuances/x.tensions of _Matrix Reloaded_. in 1 of the
> shorts, the gaping qs of the origins/story point of the
> Neo-fawning-boy-child n.countered in the _Matrix Reloaded_ movie is
> s.sentially answered....+ this sparked off a chain of thought centering
> round the idea of ANG [_Active Narrative Gathering_]
> ANG i'm referring 2 how some m.mergent forms of
> art|n.tertainment|simulcra r interconnected via narrative threads b.yond
> parent forms/individualised media if u want the complete
> narrative picture [ie
> join-the-story-dots-campbellesqueness-hero-journey-style] that is
> when watching _MR_ u *must* watch/collude with satellite|parallel
> constructions that enhance [ie offer loadings] that complete the story
> jigsaw - like _Enter the Matrix_ video game + The Animatrix.
> it's a bit like the easter eggs n.countered on dvds....secret hotspots
> 1nce found offer additional info regarding the main feature....
> this isn't a new phenomenon.....look at _Twin Peaks_ for instance [movie
> series, book (The Diary of Laura Palmer], and movie]..but it seems to
> becoming a more dominant pattern...look at _Donnie Darko_ [movie +
> + _The Blair Witch Project_ [book, movie, website]...not to mention
> _AI_...........also the conversion of comics/books in2 film, games in2
> [_The Final Fantasty_ game + film].......
> its like audiences r n.couraged 2 step outside the restrictions of
> mono-media absorption channels + actively seek additional narrative
> components elsewhere...bit like an ANG cultural engine i guess.....
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