[-empyre-] 3d art event: memory plains tonight 7.30 pm UK time

please join in this lab3D event if you are awake or in the time zone
Entry to the multiuser world will close at 7.30pm British Summer Time so
please log-on by this time.


Memory Plains Returning
a 3d sound sculpture by Adam Nash.

A gently unfolding 3D audiovisual feast performed in realtime by multiple
performers in a web-based multi-user space.

This version of the work uses VNet, the open source Java/VRML multi-user
client/server system to realise a live performance, with performers logged
in from various locations around the world.

Other audience members around the world can log in remotely to the
Multi-user space and experience the performance by navigating through the
space in their own way.

The Multi User Version will be performed live
Thursday 19th June, 7.30 pm (British Summer Time)

Performed live by Adam Nash at Folly Gallery, Lancaster,
Kema T. Ekpei, at Cornerhouse, Manchester,
and John McCormick, from Melbourne, Australia.

Check the URL for instructions, and join in from where ever you are!

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