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 From:    arteonline@arteonline.arq.br
Subject: 3D environemntes and human presence

>  what  i
> really want to ask is
> are 3d environemnts only alive when a user is in them.. do > they become
> liek  a recessive gene when sitting on the server waiting
> for human presence to activate them.. that gets almost
> into gender politics doesnt it..the  passivity of the space (or
> the potential of the void)  waiting for (hu)man
> to give it life...
Well, would not it be just the definition of virtuality, the power of become?
Does only 3D environemnts have this property? Does the characters of "Le rouge et le noir" alive in spite of nobody to be reading the book? Or worse than that: even though anybody never had read this Stendhal's book?
Do you know the story of the argentine author Adolfo Bioy Casares - "The invention of Morel", which Jorge Luiz Borges considered perfect? Your question reminds me this story. If you do not read it you should read.

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