Re: [-empyre-] The Presence of Things (Aura)

/roya wrote:

> Digital arte facts have of course presence. Some have more of it, some
> less. There are various parameters that determine such a presence, or the
> lack of it. I'm interested in those parameters.

 simon wrote:
> say here. This still fits with the argument that the aura is projected by
> the viewer onto the object and that it is a culturally determined (and
> contingent) system of value. It doesn't matter what the origins of that
> value is, whether religious, ideological or aesthetic.

i think there is some script  in VRML to project aura:

DEF Aura Transform {
children [

      Haze   {
       intensity     1
       maxBack           20
       maxFront          20
       minBack           2
       minFront          2
       priority          1
       spatialize   TRUE

    Material {
     diffuseColor .9 .5 1
    specularColor 0.981818 0 1
    emissiveColor  0.3 0 .3
    shininess 0.80303
    transparency 0.6

ok so its not real script..but its close....
but when you are making things in 3d space you can make a nice aura effect
round it they are glowy , warm , have some nice low spacialized sound..
someone recently commented on the jewel like quality of some of my work and
its really just a visual trick. with transparency and colour choices.. like
maybe the transparency of a glazed iconic pinting.. ..  or the glow of a
gold buddah.. guarenteed to have aura.. i think in any cultural context...
liek our fascination with all things shiney..

but then painting made from elepant shit, or sculptures of chopped up cows
are pretty popular in art commodity terms as well..
maybe artists themselves manufacture aura..?


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