[-empyre-] Adam's event - I'm curious

Apologies Adam, I left the show early (Wasn't feeling
well so after the second crash I went back to bed)

so I'm curious about how things ended up and how folks
interpreted the piece.

As for me, for now I'll just say I thought it was a
really good start and worked quite well as a
"performance art" peice. 

Interesting that you found yourself "talking to much" 

(and I was surprised that folks were generally quiet
as compared to my previous experience. (Course folks
like Cati Laporte & Jeff Sonstein aren't wallflowers))

PS Adam did anyone get screenshots of the event. (I'm
submitting a little something to:
http://www.virtualstorytelling.com/ICVS2003/ and would
like to include you / your work. Haven't drafted an
abstract yet - but if you are interested, I'll send
you something soon. Course I'd like to have your
picts/thoughts sooner. Deadline June 27th)


    The reality of the building does not 
    consist in the four walls and roof but
    in the space within to be lived.

    - Laotzu

      well, Laotzu said it but I did it.

    - Frank Lloyd Wright, after learning
      his philosophy behind the Unity Temple
      had been expressed 5,000 years earlier.

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