[-empyre-] Re: 3D in Gallery Space - books

<snip> books now out are basically about the theory of the online experience, but not on the work </snip>

yep, I entered this list with a rant on this. Though
I'm apologetic about the tone, this really is
something that we on this list ought to do more of.

I'm interested in how this could be done...

Is there a useful way to talk about and look at these works in a publication with all the inherent limitations of that experience .

What would these books that focus on the work rather than the theory tell us about the works?

It may be that these texts|books have problems conveying what is unique and exciting about the 'realtime' experience and therefore default focus to art fame instead. The ones around currently are very unsatisfying...

Its also interesting that it seems there is not a lot of talk in current theory about the failure of technology and how that can be as exciting as the successful use of it.
[personally I love those errant pixels, the little tears in 3D space and inversed normals]

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