Re: [-empyre-] Re: 3D in Gallery Space - books

This issue of experience is a real one. But we aren't
the first to face this problem. Game Theory, Film
Studies, Sculpture, heck even Paintings have issues
regarding reproduction in a book.

The question becomes one of "Is the best level/amount
of knowledge possible being shared and dicussed.  

In eight years I've never seen a paper (let alone a
book) that discussed and compared multiple web3D works
from various artists/developers. There has been only a
few lists of works (do "link" pages count?), several
individual statements on individual works or at best
collections of individual statements (often by people
who have never built anything). 

Go to a bookstore or shop online, compare what's been
published in other media (from painting to web design)
to books on VR. You'll see trend. VR books have few
pictures, many opinions and rarely if ever talk about
design in 3D space. 

As for what I want - more docs like this:

> [personally I love those errant pixels,
so do I, my "untitled memories" piece makes good use
of pixel dust...


--- Lloyd Sharp <> wrote:
> >
> ><snip> books now out are basically about the theory
> of
> >the online experience, but not on the work </snip>
> >
> >yep, I entered this list with a rant on this.
> Though
> >I'm apologetic about the tone, this really is
> >something that we on this list ought to do more of.
> I'm interested in how this could be done...
> Is there a useful way to talk about and look at
> these works in a 
> publication with all the inherent limitations of
> that experience .
> What would these books that focus on the work rather
> than the theory 
> tell us about the works?
> It may be that these texts|books have problems
> conveying what is 
> unique and exciting about the 'realtime' experience
> and therefore 
> default focus to art fame instead. The ones around
> currently are very 
> unsatisfying...
> Its also interesting that it seems there is not a
> lot of talk in 
> current theory about the failure of technology and
> how that can be as 
> exciting as the successful use of it.
> [personally I love those errant pixels, the little
> tears in 3D space 
> and inversed normals]
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    The reality of the building does not 
    consist in the four walls and roof but
    in the space within to be lived.

    - Laotzu

      well, Laotzu said it but I did it.

    - Frank Lloyd Wright, after learning
      his philosophy behind the Unity Temple
      had been expressed 5,000 years earlier.

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