[-empyre-] input into discussion

Hi All

Firstly an apology to Melinda for failing to keep up with the recent
discussions. Things went a bit haywire for me over the last few weeks.

Fortunately today I had a train journey which I used to catch up with the
web3d discssions.

I have prepared a series of postings partly as response to earlier
discussion and partly to promote further comment.

These are posted seperately to facilitate reponses accordingly.

The second apology is to everyone else on the list - my mail box counts 177
postings since the beginning of June.

I confess to not having read many of these before, 12+ hour days take their
toll, so if my own comments repeat earlier discussions I apologise my
ignorance. I tried to scan through as much as I could over the last week or
so, but much of it went unread until today.

I have a long time unrealised project based upon a Rhizome_Raw unread folder
but that is another story that dates back to 1999.

It seems appropriate that Lab3D is now being deconstructed at the
Cornerhouse - so this is perhaps a good time to do some deconstruction
online too.

On to the postings and the joy of railway transport.....



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