[-empyre-] that thorny technical thing

Technical issues

Apologies for rehashing some very old arguments.

Many artworld curators / practitioners / funders are still locked into a
world of Mac. Reference earlier funding discussion, if they are not looking
at the work, how are we going to persuade them to show it, fund it,
celebrate it, acknowledge it even.

VRML pieces do not work on Mac (esp. multi-user) along with many other
interesting things. I have several people complaining at not getting into
the performance last Thursday with Mac only brains.

As I said an old story, but one not resolved and often shuffled to one side.

That said I am really interested in VR on Linux ? any one with any
experience out there?

The Cornerhouse works were reputably very stable though and from my vantage
point well executed, congrats Kathy.


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