RE: [-empyre-] 3D in Gallery Space from Kathy Rae Huffman

Steve wrote in repsonse to Kathy

'<snip> Special centres dedicated to New Media are
starting to develop, and are important focal points
for presenting works.  But, like the Media Art Centres
of the 80s, they will attact an audience of the
already initiated </snip>

Many galleries have added DSL lines and really want to
be considered new media savvy, but don't have the
resources/skill for a full show.

As an individual you can offer to give a talk or even
presentation on your work and new media in general.
Folks around me typically jump at the chance.
(Actually, because galleries shedule so far in
advance, they jump and pencil you in for following

The problem for many galleries is also that they have a broad schedule, and
will ultimately only offer a very diluted experience of New Media (no
criticism of Cornerhouse intended, Kathy) , in that they are also expected
to show a range of other genres across the year. Festivals and events are
one way around this, but to really engage audiences we need to have a
consistent programming output on a number of levels throughout the year.
Folly is trying to do this in an otherwise rural wilderness and is starting
to gain some recognition for its efforts.

It is perhaps the job of New Media centres then to act as a wider agency and
build upon partnerships.

The great thing about Kathy's approach to Lab3D was to do just that.
Involving Folly, Watershed, The Media Centre and I think the ICA (at least
last year) broadens the curatorial output and brings additional technical
support into the bargain.

We need to do more of this. New Media Scotland have a similar approach to
regional agency, similarly SCAN and PVA Lab in southern England.

Sorry this is really UK centric, where's the internationalism here?


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