Re: [-empyre-] The 3D thread

What an amazing thread, and I'm truly sorry that I've been tied up and not able to engage more deeply.

Regarding techne, I hope that the issues here are well defined in regards to the requirements of hardware, software and infrastructural support, then the funding to implement projects. I think that much of this has been aptly covered, and I don't wish to rehash.

Funding is always problematic, and doubly so in this time of dwindling support (private and public, at least in the US) for the arts in general, with the dominant politics being that art 'should' be a market-driven commodity, just like everything else, which I completely disagree with. WHile I hope (and eventually understand the necessity of) funding for projects like Intelligent Agent and the Net Art Initiative, I have chosen to in effect work full time totally unpaid, luckily being subsidized by a professional spouse (although this has not always been the case, having gotten decent awards in the past). I find this totally unacceptable, but on the other hand, I find the lack of support for the arts in the First World (in many genres, such as our own) even more so, and the greater of the two evils. Eventually, projects need funding, but I do not wish to have that funding be a part-time, minimum wage job at the hardware store.

ANother conundrum has been the idea os sculptural aspects of screen-based art, or in a way, the issues of creating another form of 3D based virtual art. Klima and I have discussed this rather extensively, and representing these genres in the gallery are a challenge on so many fronts, from HCI to tech support to structural points. It's really quite amazing how daunting the task of getting a piece off the screen, into the gallery, and connecting with the audience (to key in with Roya) is.

In addition, Christiane and I have had many conversations in regards to the problem of having screen-based art in the gallery at all? Of course, Klima's works address the sculptural, so he has made the gallery a primary focus of his work. But this is not the case with so much work I see, and for these individuals, projections, while deepening the sense of 'aura', to me are an analogy for having a 4-meter high monitor, and little else. The fascinating thing to me is that somehow the gallery is the logical destination for new media, and I can understand the logic to this in regard to the need to reach certain audiences, but perhaps the gallery is anachronistic to much of the work , and shouldn't be seen there in the first place with regards to intent representation, etc.. In some cases, I fervently believe that artists wish to get their art into the gallery for very traditionalist reasons, which in some cases defeats the potential of new media.

In regards to 3D as a genre itself, I have personally found this to be another challenge. In my experiments, none of which are public, my problems have been with immersion and HCI. To me, even in the CAVE, where one issue is resolved, there appears to be few really salient solutions to Human-Computer Interfacing at this time. Endless computer companies have tried creating 3D mice, pucks, wands, gloves, etc, with varying levels of success, but I have either found these solutions either expensive, hard to support, or just not very elegant. THis is not always due to the hardware, as software is as much a part for the HCI solution. I'm not a naysayer, but I've found much of this extremely thorny.

Sorry for the disparate nature of some of these thoughts, as I'm running in many directions this morning. My only hope is that some of my thoughts here are useful


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