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<Melinda said>
i know that there is a "heavy under-representation of women" who make 3d web
art, as opposed to women who make other sorts of netart or art in general..
as well 80% of the guests in this forum are male ,  around the same figures
for women in the lab 3d show.. and form my observation the number is even
lower for women  who participate on any 3d related mailing list. yet i see
quiet a few who are working in the higher tech end of 3d , (but with almost
zero accessability compared to networked art..) like in CAVES.. wonder why
that is..?  maybe cause its becsue thay been round longer and thre are more
women in academic networks with acces to them....?

There are a lot of woman who do some very exciting digital 3D representational work in the areas of industrial design and architecture.
And there are a considerable number of woman design students who go through design schools using CAD/CAM and coming out the other end with substantial 3D skills.
I have seen work by and worked with some profoundly skilled and thoughtful women in the digital 3D design area.

I think it may have something more to do with the issues of required unrelenting self-promotion and the fairly competitive yet unsatisfying work environments and recompense for the work that may dissuade many woman [and men] from participating in the visible|invisible digital art world, and 3D web work as a tiny tiny proportion of that world.
...trying not to insult anyone... ;-)

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