To tired to MU & so Re: [-empyre-] Re: 3D in Gallery Space - books


well, I have a long winded rap on multiuser space but
am too tired of writting to think it through. (Besides
it mostly amounts to yep, I mostly agree with Adam,
Tam etc)

perhaps a few folks would like to form a little user
group on yahoo (or something) (pardon me for not
thinking this through either.) 

Anyhow for why I'm tired (uh-oh more spam), 
here's a bunch of brand new papers
Its the same underlying methodology that Adam Nash is
working with, cept it's directed at distance learning
(This is a webpage, the rest are 3-4 page abstracts in
pdf format)
Adam, I used a pict here, but nothing more (hope the
caption works) Will collaborate more if accepted. If
you check
you'll these folks are REALLY conservative. So I wrote
conservatively. As it is, your work will brain damage
their reviewers, Thank-You ; )
It's the Blake Project described in terms worked
through on this list. (really my own - but will credit
anyone if I accidentally quoted them)

Also I need to thank Brett..

--- Brett Stalbaum <> wrote:
> This is quite an interesting paper, particularly as
> it goes to the problem

Thanks Brett for reading and offering your views,
apparently I need to write a revision of the GUI to
Gallery paper. In the end I was hoping to move from 3D
space "representing" data to 3D space
"holding/structuring" data.  Much in the way a Gallery
holds objects of art. There's a "crossover" path
between the two, unsure where to draw the line.

off to slepp


    The reality of the building does not 
    consist in the four walls and roof but
    in the space within to be lived.

    - Laotzu

      well, Laotzu said it but I did it.

    - Frank Lloyd Wright, after learning
      his philosophy behind the Unity Temple
      had been expressed 5,000 years earlier.

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