[-empyre-] Re: hey thanx ..last lab3d post time..

Hi All,
Thanks for a stimulating and intense discussion this month, it's been really good - it's a shame it's finishing. I know I've got heaps more I'd like to discuss. Having now experienced the full version of Beyond Manzanar in the gallery (which is a really wonderfully moving experience), I'd really like to resume the dialogue about 'immersion' with Tamiko and others....

perhaps a few folks would like to form a little user
group on yahoo (or something) (pardon me for not
thinking this through either.)

I have been thinking the same thing for quite a while now. I'm certainly up for it. I've always found the Yahoo groups thing a little hard to use and unreliable. If the interest is there, I would be willing to set up a mailing list on my server, I have the space and bandwidth and would be willing to donate the time to administer it. Assumedly it would be MailMan, as it seems to be reliable, simple and is open source.

The list would specifically be about Web 3D as art, and would be limited to that. I think it could include everything from the kind of highbrow art/philosophy discussions such as we've seen on empyre this month, through practical/philosophical discussions of MU space as medium, to prosaic questions like 'how do I make a yellow cone in vrml?' and 'what's the difference between vrml and x3d' and everything in between.

Could people indicate if they would be interested in such a thing? If the interest is there, let's do it - if not, perhaps it just needs to be CC'd mails to the handful of interesteds?

Thanks again everyone, and thanks to Melinda as always for her dedication and hard work in keeping -empyre- going.

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