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On 30.06.03 07:01, "Adam Nash" <> wrote:

> The list would specifically be about Web 3D as art, and would be limited to
> that. I think it could include everything from the kind of highbrow
> art/philosophy discussions such as we've seen on empyre this month, through
> practical/philosophical discussions of MU space as medium, to prosaic
> questions like 'how do I make a yellow cone in vrml?' and 'what's the
> difference between vrml and x3d' and everything in between.
> Could people indicate if they would be interested in such a thing? If the
> interest is there, let's do it - if not, perhaps it just needs to be CC'd
> mails to the handful of interesteds?
I might be interested if the technical bias is not towards VRML. I sort of
lost track of the latter part of this month's discussion as this became very
much the focus and although I am working directly with things like 3D
systems on the net and multiuser interaction I do not use VRML nor even see
this as automatically the technical route to go. Given that a large part of
my practice concerns artist's authored software that is both interactive and
generative (which may or may not be 3D, may or may not be multiuser and may
or may not be online) a narrower focus would not satisfy my interests. But
keep me informed...



Simon Biggs

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

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