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We would like to add a link to a paper (it is too long
to be included in the text) that discusses the
relationship between the space and time in
contemporary philosophy. This is the conceptual
background behind our VRML project VideoSpace. See
especially the chapter "The specificity of the method
(space and time)" that founds the particular features
of contemporary methodology of humanities in the shift
of interest from temporal to spatial relations.



We were very happy to be guests in the discussion at
forum on the 3d virtual reality. We are convinced that
it is of utmost importance to discuss these matters
today, especially because there is still so much
non-acceptance and poor understanding of this field of
contemporary art.  
Sincerely yours
Narvika Bovcon, Ales Vaupotic



On the problem of historical research in humanities:
Michel Foucault and Mikhail Bakhtin

   The text examines the questions of contemporary
methodology of humanities, particularly the shifts
connected with the New Historicism. It is a
methodological movement that emerged in the United
States in the eighties within the English Renaissance
Literature Studies, of course, through important
European influences, of which the most interesting
ones are the theories of historiography of Michel
Foucault. Our text also considers the works of Mikhail
Bakhtin that were very influential within the context
of the New Historicism, too ? if not as notorious as
Foucault?s. What we are interested in are the
essential paradigmatic shifts determining the new
methodology differing from, for instance, Derrida?s
deconstruction or Lacanian psychoanalysis. In the
first part of the text we emphasise the major shift
behind the new historicist methodology, whereas the
two following chapters deal with the relation between
Foucault?s and Bakhtin?s theories. We examine
similarities and, more importantly, the differences.
We see that these are two extremely heterogeneous
authors as far as the philosophical and cultural
backgrounds are concerned ? Foucault?s works are a
part of western criticism of metaphysics whereas
Bakhtin?s works are a part of eastern-Christian
spiritual and religious heritage. Nevertheless they
come together on a higher level, which is the level of
the new historicist methodology that is founded in the
so-called theory of discourse (Foucault and also
Bakhtin are among the most prominent authors). In our
text we have shown the main focus of contemporary
humanities, the study of relations among different
socially and historically singular discursive
territories. One can see that the ethical questions
are at the very core of the new historicist



Vaupotiè, Ale?: Philosophy of Mikhail Bakhtin: The
concept of dialogism and mystical thought. In: Logos,
1. 2 (Fall 2001). URL: http://www.kud-logos.si 


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