[-empyre-] thank's all!

Hello Empyreans,

as my time as the host of February's discussion on <open source / open art>
is completed I would like to thank everybody involved in the discussion for
the archived bandwidth that made the exchange a very valuable experience for
myself and my fellow backup_festival and backup.lounge|lab co-organisers.
Open source and its translation to open art require this diversity of
viewing angles and focuses!
Thank you also very much Melinda and Christina for inviting me here, I
highly appreciate to have been granted this chance from both of you!

I guess the discussion was anything else than fruitless, a future conception
for lounge|lab 2003 will have to consider much of what has been discussed,
especially transparency not only within the people (coders) involved but
also towards the public will be on the list again. The open
accessible/modifiable documentation (thank you Jon Cates of
criticalartware.net! among all others who have said very valuable things) of
the lab will hopefully be done within the next weeks/month(s), we will
inform you about it at www.backup-festival.com.

We will also come up with the information about the backup.lounge|lab 2003
during this spring, if there will be a call for entries we will publish it
on www.backup-festival.com.

You all are very welcome to pose questions or demand addtl. info about the
project! I will be happy if you address me at loungelab@backup-festival.de
or felixsattler@web.de for further discourse.

</There is one more thing from me: The most recent opinions about the
financial dimension introduced the term "free" as "free of charge"; there is
a German expression for "free of charge" ("umsonst") which can also mean "in
vain" or "without success".
I think because similar properties are attached to "free" too, we all must
work on avoiding ever let them become too foregrounded.>

Thank you all, Bye


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