[-empyre-] Welcome Timothy Murray

Empyre is pleased to introduce our guest, and his guests, for March--
Timothy Murray(US), with Norie Neumark (AU) and Priamo Lozada (MX)

Please join us for conversation around the theme of "Unstable Ground:
Curating New Media".

Often in collaboration  with artists, new media curators are moving into
areas of online unstable work whose "ground" is, for instance, the digital
crawler, hypertext link, speech recognition or artificial vision system.
How does this unstable ground create crisis and opportunity for  digital
archive and new media exhibitions in the international context?

As open source / lounge lab discussion revealed, the collaborative and
shifting terrain of content/form/archive/dissemination in new media is a hot

Time will be joined by Norie Neumark of UTS for a week, with whom Tim has
taught new media collaboratively through video streaming, and then by Priamo
Lazado, Curator of Laboratoria Arte Alemeda in Mexico City, who will join
in a discussion of the imperative of outsourcing work from Latin American
and other regions, from Asia to Eastern Europe, where tenuous economic
structures have impaired stability of the curatorial platform.


Timothy Murray's new media curatorial projects have led him in different
directions.  Many readers might be familiar with his exhibition, "Contact
Zones: The Art of CD-Rom" (http://contactzones.cit.cornell.edu) which toured
from 1999-2001 in the US, Mexico, Canada, and France.  He co-curated the
"(off-line) 'net.art' contest" for INFOS 2002 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  He
co-curates with Arthur and Marilouise Kroker the on-line exhibition space,
CTHEORY Multimedia, at <http://ctheorymultimedia.cornell.edu>: recent issues
include "Wired Ruins: Digital Terror and Ethnic Paranoia" and "Tech Flesh:
The Promise and Perils of the Human Genome Project."  He also is founder and
curator of The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at the Cornell
University Library.  A Professor of Comparative Literature and English, he
has written catalogue essays for the ZKM in Karlsruhe, The Power Plant in
Toronto, Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, the Museum of Macau in Macau;
and  he is completing Digital Intensities: Cultural Memory, Baroque Theory,
and Electronic Art (University of Minnesota Press), and editing Digitality
and the Memory of Cinema (Temple University Press).  His other books include
Drama Trauma: Specters of Race and Sexuality in Performance, Video, and Art
(Routledge 1997) and Like a Film: Ideological Fantasy on Screen, Camera, and
Canvas (Routledge 1993).  At Cornell University, he teaches courses in the
history of video art, electronic art, digital bodies, French film, and
Introduction to Visual Studies, and most recently co-taught a course with
Norie Neumark, of the University of Technology, Sydney, on "Electronic
Innovations: Technology and Art."

Norie Neumark <http://www.out-of-sync.com> is a sound/radio  and new media
artist. As part of Out-of-Sync, a new media artistic partnership with Maria
Miranda, she has collaborated on CD-Rom art, installations and recently, on
net.art works. Their works include Shock in the Ear, Dead Centre, Machine
Organs, Volcano and Journey to the C/enter. A significant concern for Norie
is to work with and develop the sound interfaces to allow for interactivity
in which sound plays an essential and engaging role. Norie is also a
critical theorist and teacher at the University of Technology, Sydney. Norie
is currently a member of the Board of Sound Culture.

Priamo Lozada is  resident curator at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City
<http://www.artealameda.inba.gob.mx/>  Curatorial projects in 2002-3 in
electronic arts and new media include Thomas Glassford: Event Horizon,
Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City;  ³Mona Hatoum², Laboratorio Arte
Alameda: Medi@arte Latino, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; Ximena
Cuevas², Festival de Artes Electrónicas, Lima, Perú; ³Ximena Cuevas², Casa
Bolívar,  Cartegena de Indias & Museo de Bellas Artes, Barranquilla,
Colombia; Daniel Buren, ³Cabañas estalladas², Laboratorio Arte Alameda;
Melanie Smith & Rafael Ortega, ³Seis pasos hacia la realidad², Laboratorio
Arte Alameda; MexArtFest, Kyoto Art Center, Japan 2003; Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
en ³Emoción Artificial², Itaú Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brasil; Freewaves
Festival, Los Angeles;  Teresa Serrano, ³Formas de Violencia², Laboratorio
Arte Alameda, Mexico City;  Nam June Paik, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico
City; Les Leveque, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico Cityl; and Bruce Nauman
Videos, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City.


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