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ok - I have to confess this is not a proper posting but it does pertain
to the topic at hand:

At 6.00 pm on Thursday, March 13th, Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra will
be giving a public lecture and showing their work (ID/Entity and
segments of 9/11 Episodes) at the College of Fine Arts., Lecture Room

Brew is a curator/filmmaker from New York who has been behind a number
of new media residencies and is also involved with Eyebeam. Both Kathy
and Roberto will be talking about collaborations between art and new
media, addressing issues of curating new media alongside video and
*older media forms* and looking at the intersections between art and new
media for artists in post 9/11 times. So I reckon I can get away with
this disguised announcement. And as penance, I promise to join in the
discussion more intellectually in the coming weeks,
Anna Munster

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