RE: [-empyre-] net art, curating and power

I would like to follow-up on this issue of the role of
institutions vis a vis the production, presentation
and reception of new media art works and specifically
refer to the conditions and reality of media art in
Mexico, which I think most of you are not familiar

In Mexico, the majority of the cultural institutions
are funded by the National Council for Culture and the
Arts, a fact that in principle seems quite admirable
but the reality is that these funds come with strings
attached.  These strings unfortunately place art
practice within the broader arena of official cultural
politics.  There is little support from the private
sector and Mexico does not produce technology (it only
assembles computers and television sets, paying low
wages) so we have no room outside of the official
channels for receiving support.  We are also subject
to constantly changing officials, lack of continuity
or the definition of a short, medium and long-term

I am well aware that every context has hurdles and I
guess what I want to put on the table is this
situation in which art practice is (apparently) at the
service of official cultural politics.


Priamo Lozada, Curador
Laboratorio Arte Alameda
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