Re: [-empyre-] unstable ground and opera houses

thanx for that suggestion tim..
im more than happy to break out of the structure for a moment..

Paul Carter in his great book "the lie of the land" talks about unstable
ground,  the unlevel surface, the spongy , porous, rough , irregular,
traditional surface of ground that colonial instincts sought  to wipe out,
to flatten, to homogenise. The colonisrs  needed to flatten and stablise the
ground of the americas and asia pacific, erasing what existed to reconstrust
wild, different, foreign and exotic parts of the world to mimicic the
familiar and seemingly stable nature and cluture of thier european origins ,
incidently committing genocide on the indigenous populations. unfortunately
we havent learned from our mistakes.. colonialism is still alive and well ..
but rather than european,  the nature and culture that is being forced on
the planet comes from a ranch outside waco,  texas...

I feel ashamed  to be Australian today,
over 70% of our country does not support a war on Iraq, yet out government
has comitted us. and they didn't do it yseterday - they  did it  it a long
time ago. SAS toops have been training for 9 months in the middle east
specifically for an Iraq offensive. The vote to send troops won't pass
thruough the senate as the majority the prime minister will
not consult the senate!!! astounding politics - i guess if you are ignoring
the UN a senate is a small matter.. A prime minister was removed from office
in the 1970's for much less..
Globally we can thank that other australian Rupert Murdock and his stable of
175  newspapers like the new york post, and the Uk sun and times,  and the
australian and daily  telegraph , as well dominating tv and cable with Fox
and Sky,  for flattening out opposing voices,  for backing and promoting
blatent US imperialism.

the most heartening  news of a less stable nature is the singing sails of
the sydney opera house.. early yeasterday morning NO WAR was painted in
bloody red on the sydney opera house sails in response to Bushes speech (did
this image reach the rest of the world?).. here are some great  pics...


actions if you are interrested:
the Australian Prime Ministers number is 062777700 - ring him and tell him
what you think

Friday 21 is walk out of work day in Australia.

Rally details for around Australia can be found here:

March 22 is election day in NSW. you can write NO WAR on your ballot paper.
It will not invalidate your vote and will send a clear message to the

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