Re: [-empyre-] unstable ground and opera houses

On 19.03.03 02:47, "Melinda Rackham" <> wrote:

> I feel ashamed  to be Australian today,
I also feel ashamed to be Australian and ashamed to live and work in the UK.
I am ashamed that the governments of almost all the English speaking
countries of the world seem to have lost their minds and decided to start a
war without provocation, the support of their people or international
support. The UK, the USA, Australia and their allies have now entered the
same hall of infamy reserved for the Nazi's, the Facists, Pol Pot's Year
Zero and the like. I look forward to Bush, Blair and Howard receiving the
same garlands (and justice) the leaders of those earlier regimes enjoyed.



Simon Biggs

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

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