Re: [-empyre-] unstable ground and opera houses

> actions if you are interrested:
> the Australian Prime Ministers number is 062777700 -
> ring him and tell him
> what you think

Just to add another not very popular opinion...

I'm concerned about this war as well and not at all in
favour, but I've seen very little effort to try to
understand or explain why would the happy couple
Bush/Blair want to fight it. Call me naive, but I
cannot imagine people in that position (and I'm
referring to Blair in particular) would want to
initiate such a disaster for no reason. But Blair is
right on one thing: when in the 30s only a few stood
up against fascism, they went against public opinion.
It was more comfortable to just "do nothing" and wait,
it took courage to react. Saddam is by no mean someone
who deserve the kind of strenuous defense that the
western world has indicated. The Iraqi people do, but
Saddam is keeping the nation in a prehistorical state.

And sorry, but the "no war" sign on the opera house is
a crime against art: everyone know what public opinion
think about this war, no need for childish effort that
damages a shared patrimony. Just my 2 penny opinion.

Regards, Cristiano

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