Re: Re[2]: [-empyre-] unstable ground and opera houses

christiano wrote:
> CB> And sorry, but the "no war" sign on the opera house is
> CB> a crime against art: everyone know what public opinion

josephine wote:
> I hope you are no Lionel Richie fan:

ahh the eroticism of power...
isnt that what serial killers get off on?

but back to opera house - the white sails are actually regularly used as a
curated space - a
large canvas for projections in art and festival events in sydney..
officially people like designer marc newson put subtle sparys of lava lamp
type moving colour over
it.. unofficially people like deborah kelly and
do projections about social issues like refugee detention before they are
hauled away...
 its a public art space -some people just have more access to it than
no damage was done that couldnt be washed off the next day unlike bombs
which kill people.


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