RE: [-empyre-] unstable ground and opera houses

> The most paradoxical human virtue
> is his great adaptability
> contrasts, mismatches, discords
> avoids the trap of numbing senses
> that's one of artist's part
> so let's keep wide awake
> and express with accuracy.
> there are other voices than brutality and power excess on this planet.

well said. and may they deconstruct war machines. war machines have to be taken apart,
deconstructed. Whether they are Iraqi or American.

i read a while ago the proposition that there are two superpowers: the gov of the USA and world
opinion. oh, uh, let's not forget those who control media. Part of what the Internet is about is
making sure the USA (or any other) government does not control all the media, nor their
interests. and, thereby, world opinion. propaganda becomes (more) widely believed and floods the
channels. including these ones, if only because it is not considered propaganda but mundane
truth within the 'community'. These lists are international enough, however, that often there is
no concensus on what is propaganda and what isn't. Different sides are represented. Then we can
make up our own minds much more accurately.

yet it seems clear that this involves the world more dangerously than Kosovo or Serbia. Or

mercy on the Iraqi people and God help us all, God willing. which must get hard, like lifting
the stone God cannot lift.


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