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Recently I have been enmeshed in the energy of "unstable grounds" while preparing an update of criticalartware to version.1.2.4 which is interlinked w/the Version>03 digital_arts_festival occurring at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The events and exhibitions that constitute Version>03 and many concurrent activities take place in various locations (servers, networks, streets, lofts, galleries, museums, academic institutions, etc). Version>03 and the many concurrent activities begin today and I think present an excitingly politicized and engaged approach to curating new media arts which will be of interest to those of you on empyre. The curator, EdMar and the organizers have worked together in a collaborative manner which spans many spaces, organizations and intents. The online aspect of the festival presents a more open system than most similar event websites. The site, http://www.versionfest.org is built to allow comments to be posted directly to each entry in the schedule to facilitate dialog and the development of active discourses. I think this effort tends toward that instability and hybridity which has been discussed this month and contributes to strategies for staying fluid and responsive amidst and among various institutions and moments.

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