Re: [-empyre-] unstable perspectives

every curator has thier cultural adgenda to push.. most media work doesnt get shown in mainstream australian galleries because a lot of the curators with "position" and are very filmic and are looking for seamless aesthetcis which speak the language of cinema . not the language of the net.. yet they woudl think they are very open and informed as to contemporary practice...and would see cultural politics as something soemone else enforces.

cultural politics includes those who  get government funding to do or work
on projects..and who gets sponsorship and who gets any one
who has ever been paid for thier work form some other entity  is part of
that cultural machinary.. anyone who make s anything is also part of it..
you dont exist outside your relations with your environment..

This rejection is not unique to the Australian environment.
Most of the current work [last 3-4 years] I find most interesting in the digital arena is almost exclusively done by people who reject even the notion of cultural identity with the 'arts' community.
They also do not even seem to identify with the digital 'design' community.
These communities have strong 'perspective' filters turned on.

Along with others I like to communicate with, I find it hard to clarify any meaningful cultural identity.
I'm looking for a diffuse, difficult [and yet] opaque experience.

Maybe that's just perverse...
But I find lot's of others feel the same way about the banality of cultural organisations

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