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Remember how interesting the month with mez and with
Hideki Nakazawa was (see September archives)--a
conversation of many layers of complex translations,
that was the fun and beauty of it, don't you think. It
seems to me that the guests are trying to address
concepts as succinctly as possible. sometimes the
ideas are riffing off  of  a body of inquiry that has
historic and theoretical interest: for example, Brett
Stalbaum's analytics are founded in a critique and
expansion of the theories of autopoesis , a
philosophic feature of information theory and
cybernetics  that emerged in the sixties.  Colloquial
English may not be the most succinct and clear usage
when dealing with a concept as complex, on historic,
scientific, and aesthetic levels, as autopoesis.  I
find that mez works with the poetics at the margins or
in the 'abyss'  (to drag in Derrida) between an
embodied experience of the digital world and the
linguistic  ambiguities of symbol artifact memory...
it's for you  the reader to feel and understand what
you will  in and through these texts, whether Bretts,
or Hideki's, or mez's, or anyone's.  Surely the net is
a space in which it must be most evident, even more
than in print, that texts are free. They constantly ,
always and already are breaking out of their boundary
conditions. Texts, in terms of their meaning, or
value, are not commodifiable.  They are not
exclusively in the psychic provenance of the writer,
once they are released into the world.  Texts, even
the empyre posts,  live out an independent life in the
 experience of humans (and cyborgs!). They cant be
predetermined and they cannot be controlled.  There is
no such thing as an obscure text.  They unfold in your
imagination and memory and you appropriate them as you
wish, as you delight to, as you desire.  If you find
posts obscure, or using words you dont relate to, why
not contribute a text that uses words that you do
relate to.  If it has meaning and value to you, it
most certainly will for others.  How many others
doesn't matter.  Socrates met with a handful of


-- "][mez][" <> wrote:
> At 04:00 PM 30/04/2003 +1000, you wrote:
> >Hi mez,
> >Carl Jung said something, about mysticism, I think
> it was 'you can't see the
> >schism for the mist'. I love concrete poetry too,
> freedom to say what you
> >like, how you like.
> how.D barrie [+ other subs],
>   ...its not the need [or want] 2 send my codewurks
> 2 the list that governs 
> my lvl of reticence, but more that my method of
> communication is judged as 
> _wankerish_ or superfluous. this need 4 overt
> blanket simplification or 
> reduction of the msg until it becomes supposedly
> transparent [or attains 
> some type of mythical clarity] seems reductionist in
> the x.treme.
> >Its just that sometimes issues get discussed on
> empyre
> >with dozens of difficult words when a few simpler
> ones would do,
> but would they? and according 2 whom?
> does the force_majority rule apply here as well? if
> so, then its a shame - 
> 2 cut off nuanced + fertile potentialities that r
> dying left|right|N centre 
> via this rigid mainstreaming of net communication
> avenues........
> >yeah right,
> >poetic liscence but who is the audience, one or two
> people maybe who get off
> >on the philosophical coloquialisms like I've got a
> Marx book too, isn't it
> >beautiful but I think Kropotkin is better. I'm not
> going to apologise for
> >being dumb and straight after all I got a masters
> in digital art last year
> >by doing an artwork in a design school, that was
> interesting let me tell
> >you. mez please allow me to apologize
> apologies r not necessary. i'm not pin_pointing u as
> a primary source, more 
> as a sym[ulcra](em)boli(sm)c manifestation of a
> trend i find distressing + 
> silence-n.ducing.
> >and could you give me an url where I
> >could see more of your work - I used to write code
> and I though it was
> >poetry when I did a good one.
> sure. c:
> chunks,
> mez
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