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>> Hi mez,
>> Carl Jung said something, about mysticism, I think it was 'you can't see the
>> schism for the mist'. I love concrete poetry too, freedom to say what you
>> like, how you like.
> how.D barrie [+ other subs],
> ...its not the need [or want] 2 send my codewurks 2 the list that governs
> my lvl of reticence, but more that my method of communication is judged as
> _wankerish_ or superfluous. this need 4 overt blanket simplification or
> reduction of the msg until it becomes supposedly transparent [or attains
> some type of mythical clarity] seems reductionist in the x.treme.

Thanks for your reply. I agree with your point/s above/below. Your
words/works aren't superfluous. Maybe I should withdraw my objections to
seemingly obscurant verbosity, it is after all important to defend freedom
of speech and freedom of expression.
>> Its just that sometimes issues get discussed on empyre
>> with dozens of difficult words when a few simpler ones would do,
> but would they? and according 2 whom?
> does the force_majority rule apply here as well? if so, then its a shame -
> 2 cut off nuanced + fertile potentialities that r dying left|right|N centre
> via this rigid mainstreaming of net communication avenues........
>> yeah right,
>> poetic liscence but who is the audience, one or two people maybe who get off
>> on the philosophical coloquialisms like I've got a Marx book too, isn't it
>> beautiful but I think Kropotkin is better. I'm not going to apologise for
>> being dumb and straight after all I got a masters in digital art last year
>> by doing an artwork in a design school, that was interesting let me tell
>> you. mez please allow me to apologize
> apologies r not necessary. i'm not pin_pointing u as a primary source, more
> as a sym[ulcra](em)boli(sm)c manifestation of a trend i find distressing +
> silence-n.ducing.

Please don't be silent
>> and could you give me an url where I
>> could see more of your work - I used to write code and I though it was
>> poetry when I did a good one.
> sure. c:
> chunks,
> mez
If you're interested; I used to write code to produce imagery using the
graphics character set in old dot matrix line printers like the Epson MX80.
A kind of semi-generative ascii art. I could post a couple of pics on my
site if you feel like a squiz. The code always looked kind of nice with all
the data rows, you could almost see the image in it.

cheers and best, Barrie

PS still digesting your work/site
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