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Thanks for your reply. I agree with your point/s above/below. Your
words/works aren't superfluous. Maybe I should withdraw my objections to
seemingly obscurant verbosity, it is after all important to defend freedom
of speech and freedom of expression. is ur right 2 them in the 1st place.

Please don't be silent

just a quik x.ample of how my reply trajectory stutters.
1. i absorb an n.terestin post from [eg] christine.
2. i think "hmmm, if i reply 2 this it then projects the thread in2 that off-topic arena, not centric topic-wise."
3. then: "should i reply b/c? is the co[i]ntent digestible in terms of the list dynamic, x.pectations of topic adherence etc?"

i *hate* this forced pattern of assumptions, but its hardwired after being forced of mailing lists etc.......

[and makes me ubersad].

If you're interested; I used to write code to produce imagery using the
graphics character set in old dot matrix line printers like the Epson MX80.
A kind of semi-generative ascii art. I could post a couple of pics on my
site if you feel like a squiz. The code always looked kind of nice with all
the data rows, you could almost see the image in it.

absolutely n.terested.

should we shift to [partial] point3 status [ie "should we take this b/c??"]


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