Re: [-empyre-] this is Knotted & strangled ::

 metamez musings;

1. yay, mez absorbs
2. if mez threads 2 offtopic ,  new direction projects
3. new direction projects new threads in  (stuttering)
spirals , not centric orbit.  zoom around like
irregular comets.
why not?


> just a quik x.ample of how my reply trajectory
> stutters.
> 1. i absorb an n.terestin post from [eg] christine.
> 2. i think "hmmm, if i reply 2 this it then projects
> the thread in2 that 
> off-topic arena, not centric topic-wise."
> 3. then: "should i reply b/c? is the co[i]ntent
> digestible in terms of the 
> list dynamic, x.pectations of topic adherence etc?"


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