Re: [-empyre-] this is Knotted & strangled ::

This is probably why I sisn't contribute that much. I
cannot see the point in substituting "interesting"
with "n.trestin". Someone else pointed it out in
another message about the "big words".

But then I'm getting probably old, and less and less
interesting in what's cool. And in front of my old
fashioned glass of wine reflect on how useless is
freedom of speech when there is nothing to say.

This list has contributed to my understanding of lots
of things. The fact that it is quiet does not mean
it's gone. Silence is a virtue.

Best, Cristiano

 --- "][mez][" <> wrote: > At
03:17 PM 1/05/2003 +1000, you wrote:
> >Thanks for your reply. I agree with your point/s
> above/below. Your
> >words/works aren't superfluous. Maybe I should
> withdraw my objections to
> >seemingly obscurant verbosity, it is after all
> important to defend freedom
> >of speech and freedom of expression.
> is ur right 2 them in the 1st place.
> >Please don't be silent
> just a quik x.ample of how my reply trajectory
> stutters.
> 1. i absorb an n.terestin post from [eg] christine.
> 2. i think "hmmm, if i reply 2 this it then projects
> the thread in2 that 
> off-topic arena, not centric topic-wise."
> 3. then: "should i reply b/c? is the co[i]ntent
> digestible in terms of the 
> list dynamic, x.pectations of topic adherence etc?"
> i *hate* this forced pattern of assumptions, but its
> hardwired after being 
> forced of mailing lists etc.......
> [and makes me ubersad].
> >If you're interested; I used to write code to
> produce imagery using the
> >graphics character set in old dot matrix line
> printers like the Epson MX80.
> >A kind of semi-generative ascii art. I could post a
> couple of pics on my
> >site if you feel like a squiz. The code always
> looked kind of nice with all
> >the data rows, you could almost see the image in
> it.
> absolutely n.terested.
> should we shift to [partial] point3 status [ie
> "should we take this b/c??"]
> chunks,
> mez
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