RE: [-empyre-] Welcome Jim Andrews re: Electronic Poetry

> Much further along this line, an art 'object' is (nothing more than )
> a difference in energy 'condition' (language is woefully short, as is
> contemporary mathematics to accurately model this energized
> universe).  From this point of view, taking my embodied energy state
> (I am a being of energy), I use energy to transform, change the
> states of regions around me (impossible to get away from Cartesian
> language!), and allow those changed regions re-radiate to the Other,
> to be received as 'inspiration' (or not).  The actual mediated 'form'
> (a now-defunct word in this system) is, literally, immaterial.
> Whether I use a painting or 20000 km of cable, mouse, screen,
> processor, and keyboard (AND electric energy).  The crux is how I
> gather my energy together, focus it in attentive and concentrated
> measure to leap the abyss from the Self to the Other with that
> energy.  NOT the materialist form, that is an obsolete way to model
> the exchange!

Yes, I find myself talking about 'energy' a lot. Even still, whether it is verbal, written, the
seen, the scene, the languages of motion, of touch, or other 'primal' languages, the 'energy' is
primarily poetential unless it is perceived and recognized; also, what is perceived and
recognized or interpreted is 'magical', since 'meaning' is created by the interpreter according
to their own lights and, perhaps, some shared and some not shared symbology, for instance; one
seeks to intrigue the other in their process of creating meaning, and to suggest possibilities.
There is a meeting place: the origin of the universe; whatever direction we go, if we go far
enough, we approach the beginning, the meeting place, the origin of the 'energy'.

Wicca means 'bending energy'.


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